15-26 Sept 2024    WALKING & MUSIC TOUR with Dave O’Neill & Jo Cresswell

Sept 2025               SINGING & WALKING TOUR with Nicole Murray

Our Itinerary

The tour starts in Briancon, a 5 hour train trip south of Paris… although there are many other routes to arrive by!  See the General Info page for details. 


Arrive in Briancon for welcome drinks and dinner at our main residence at 6pm.

We will collect you from the train or bus station in Briancon any time during the afternoon and take you to our accommodation.   Our home for the first week is a guesthouse a 5 min drive from Briancon. It is situated in a magical natural area of trees and wildflowers with views overlooking the valley.

DAYS 2 – 7

We will indulge in a mix of walks, experience the local markets, a tour of the historic old (medieval) section of Briancon, and visits to local villages and eateries. On the Music trips we’ll have a backdrop of folk and music events. 

On the Singing trip, we will have a workshop on the first 3 days to learn repertoire.  After that the singing program will be more flexibly organised around local events, markets, walks and free time. We may work toward hosting a small soiree with the locals toward the end of the tour.

DAYS 8 – 11

We move to a traditional French guesthouse in a picturesque mountain valley. Here we’ll continue our program of walks, music, singing, wine and great regional food!

DAY 12
A short drive in the morning to Briancon (France) where you can link with trains or buses all over Europe.  You also have the option to leave from Bardonecchia (Italy).  Please talk to Jo Cresswell before booking your exit to ensure we can get you to your preferred station in time.

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On the Walking & Music Tour you can expect the following:

Most days involve some walking. People of average or above fitness should have no problems. On a few days we’ll have a full day walk with about 3-4 hours of actual walking, leaving time to smell the roses and lie around in the sun over lunch. There will be many days with shorter walks of 1 to 2 hours, leaving time to sit in cafes, wander around villages, enjoy a long meal, visit the sites or just relax.

On the Singing & Walking Tour the above is also relevant however there will be less walking.  We will plan 2 days where walking is the feature so expect 3-4 hours of walking, otherwise we will tailor the amount of walking or singing to whatever the group would prefer.

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